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Anna Blennar: My experience as a Recovery Coach

This summer, after my Recovery Coach training in May, I responded quickly to a request of being a Sober Companion for a women flying from Stockholm to a treatment centre in Scotland.

Feeling very excited about being able to put my new found skills to use so quickly, this journey of 1-2 days of travelling ended up in a 4 day stay with this lady. From picking her up at the hospital, staying with her in her home, arranging parts of the travels and finally flying with her to Edinburgh in Scotland.

It was, I must say, a great and valuable experience, being able to stay with high anxiety, resistance and a lot of silence, knowing that there was nothing else to do but be present and get her there safely.

I was a bit uncertain the first hours but got good support from my contact person in Stockholm, and I felt competent. Afterwards I just wondered what had happened, also being proud of myself, feeling humble of having gained the trust of the client and managed the complete the task.

I would be happy to help out again, in difficult and hopefully life changing events.

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