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IRSI Network Recovery Specialists Services (October 2020)

IRSI network provides only Trained, Certified and Insured Recovery Coaches, Interventionists and Recovery Specialists.

::::IRSI's Recovery Specialists have been Referred by Medical Doctors & Treatment Centers Internationally:::

  • Together with our International network of Recovery Specialists we engage with Doctors, Therapists and Treatment Centers to create Healthy Recovery Plans with your needs — and the needs of your loved ones — in mind.
  • We help people learn how to live happy and healthy lives without substances or compulsive behaviors, such as and including internet use disorders, eating disorders, gambling, codependency and other behaviors.
  • We help reunite families and provide them with useful resources, tools and information to help them engage in healthy, loving and sustainable behaviors.
  • We help young people and young adults engage in positive behaviors to help them identify, recognize and avoid old behaviors that are affecting their relationships with parents, partners, friends and other family members.
  • We help coordinate international workshops, trainings and conferences world-wide ensuring best-practices and evidenced-based practices are shared with colleagues and other practitioners in different countries around the globe.
  • We offer assistance in all European languages through our International network of partners and ensure our Recovery Specialists follow strict ethical guidelines and maintain up to date credits through Continuing Education and professional development.
  • We are available 24 hours 7 days a week to take your calls and to respond to your urgent needs.

We create a Recovery Coaching plans based on the clients' needs and we liaise with other specialists and professionals in collaborative care.

We offer live-in, live out and online services.

All of our Recovery Specialists also have on-going Supervision from IRSI Senior Recovery Specialists — which means that when our Recovery Specialists are hired, they are not just getting one person — they are getting an entire team of highly trained and committed professionals.

Our goal is to help families and individuals learn to take care of themselves individually so that they can engage once again as a loving, united and resilient families.

Our standard term of work is 3-months which may include daily or weekly meetings (online or in person), phone calls and texts in case of urgent need. The first month is the most intense followed by reduced engagement each week/month based on clients’ goals and recovery. Family meetings and full family involvement is encouraged and usually takes place once a month.

Some of the subjects or activities of continuing care sessions may include psycho education, role playing, brain health, trauma-informed care, genograms and healthy life skills, such as how to manage finances, applying for a job, developing a physical health plan, and others based on client(s) needs.

We offer Interventions — the Johnson model and the Invitation model in which the family comes together to motivate an individual to participate in a programme of Recovery — this could be either a Treatment Facility or other Recovery based activities.

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