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Why having a Recovery Coach is important during Covid-19

What are the impacts of this pandemic on your recovery and mental health?

The Institute of Alcohol Studies has reported that over just a three week period in lockdown alcohol sales went up in the UK by £160m (500% in the USA) and that within the category of ‘risky drinkers’ numbers increased from 25%-38% compared to the same time last year. Relapse rates have increased and people are binge eating and online gambling at higher rates.

It’s no wonder that this is happening. Isolation, anxiety about what the future will hold, stress of losing jobs or earning less money, cut off from support services. These are just a few of the obvious reasons why you might find yourself being triggered to turn towards self destructive behaviours, after all, they can provide a good way to escape this reality albeit on a temporary basis.

It is easy to find yourself in a cycle that’s difficult to see a way of, whatever way it happens to be manifesting itself. Just remember that these actions are a manifestation of your pain, you are not a bad person and there are ways you can find help to move out of the cycle of addiction and into one of recovery.

How a Recovery Coach can help you:

After years of drinking, using substances and engaging in self destructive behaviors it can be really tricky to know how to start looking after yourself.  It might even be that you find the thought of taking any step towards recovery is just too overwhelming. Or maybe you are a little bit further down the road in your recovery and feel that things have become a bit stagnant or you are struggling with a particular area of your recovery and wellbeing, especially considering the new life circumstances we are having to come to terms with during this pandemic.  

Wherever you are in your recovery right now, a recovery coach can help you to identify the blocks and challenges you are facing and then encourage you towards finding the things that might work for you to create change and solution.

How IRSI works for you:

IRSI are able to put together a bespoke package for you immediately. You may be fearful of going into a treatment centre due to COVID or unable to as you need to protect the health of your family. You may also be cut off from your usual support services due to the pandemic. If this is the case, IRSI will do their best to put together a team of people that can treat and support you at home (or we can look to source a nearby rented house or apartment if possible). We can provide you with all the care you need, from psychiatric assessment and medication if needed, to holistic therapists such as nutritionists and yoga instructors, and of course you will have a dedicated recovery coach who will be with you 24/7 for as long as you need.

We can put together a daily routine or weekly structure that works specifically for you, we can set goals and create wellbeing and recovery plans. An IRSI Recovery Coach can work to help you understand your addictive cycles and identify the action that needs to be taken to set you on the path to recovery. We can help you access any other help and resources that you might need or help you to identify other services that might benefit your recovery. Most importantly, we can do this together so you never have to feel you are facing this alone again.

Blog Post written by:
Mel Curtis
Executive Assistant