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Course Description

Janique Svedberg is introducing International intervention training which is a combination of the invitational model and progressive model. 

After hundreds of interventions around the world and endless hours of comparing and discussing what works Janique has creating an intervention training that would work in all different areas of the world. 

All countries have their own unique culture, community and especially family dynamic. Each family needs an individual plan how the intervention will work.

To be an international interventionist takes an adjustment and  understanding of how specifically the culture of the country you're at. They also see the need of working in a team as some countries will not allow mixed gender in a family meeting. 

It's also extremely important to understand how the culture sees sobriety and recovery: what is acceptable and what is allowed. 

This unique way of meeting, not just the person in need, but the entire family, is both unique and beautiful. The focus is not just about the person in need but to come to a point where the family or the company is at a place Of love, compassion and understanding.

Learning Objectives for the Professional Interventions for Addictions and Behavioural Health Training.

During this training you will gain the following:
  • Learn a loving and safe process you can use for your interventions around the globe.
  • Learn intervention models to assist people to enter into treatment even when they’ve resisted in the past.
  • Learn the latest information about substances, substance use and behavioural health.
  • Understand how to assist families/colleagues/friends to create healthy relationships with loving boundaries.
  • Learn how to obtain a respectful and deeper commitment from family members and friends in order to help their loved one.
  • Discover how working with families may bring about real,permanent change which can have a long lasting effect.
  • Utilize methods that are effective and efficient in order to help even more families into recovery.

This training will give you a full insight into how to work with the family to guide clients and bring about the willingness to accept the help they are being offered for treatment and recovery.

Intervention training is also useful for people working as:
  • Therapists
  • Addiction counselors
  • Admissions staffs
  • Facility managers
  • Family therapists
  • Treatment referral professionals

We’ll be delivering a great deal of value in this course, so come committed to invest in your professional development for yourself, for your agency and most importantly for your clients.


Supervision is a follow-up after you have successfully completed the full course. Just like any other reputable institute of education, at IRSI you don't get credit and/or certification just for showing up and "keeping a seat warm".  You have to exhibit an understanding of the materials through a brief online test followed by an hour of face-to-face video call with one of our teachers to talk through a case scenario.  Once you have successfully completed this section, you will receive your continuing education units (varies by country) as well as your international certification!