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Course Description

T3 - Training the Teachers Course Overview

Training the Teachers— or T3 — is created to train already Certified Recovery Coaches to become IRSI Recovery Coach trainers. This course teaches a variety of delivery forms that can be adapted to engage students while assisting students to learn and retain knowledge more effectively.


The T3 course provides the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful trainer. Train The Teachers is a rigorous 5 day training course followed by an actual training of new students.


Our T3 course has been created to assist candidates who may become trainers with motivating their students to learn and teaches trainers a variety of delivery forms that they can adopt to engage these students with course content more effectively. This course encourages potential trainers to commitment to professional development and shows them how to adapt their flexible skills to particular training circumstances.


It will allow candidates to:

  • Learn the curriculum with depth and full comprehension
  • Create a mission statement that aligns with IRSI
  • Develop individual marketing techniques
  • Build training session.
  • Run successful training sessions and great courses
  • Learn the question technique for group training