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Can I become a IRSI Trainer?

Yes! We are super excited to be offering a Train the Trainer course, or T3 course, to become an IRSI International Recovery Specialist trainer.

This course is the very first of its kind and will allow talented candidates who demonstrate outstanding comprehension and skill of the essential elements of Recovery Coaching and who are interested and motivated in developing their own business as a Recovery Coach Trainer!

For more information about this programme please contact

How long is the course and when can I expect to receive my Certification?

Our courses -- either in person or online -- are 40 hours -- either 5 or 6 days depending on whether consecutive or weekends.  At the end of the training you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Supervision begins immediately after the end of the course with an online Exam.

Supervision consists of an exam of 61 questions plus an hour long, online one-on-one interview with a Senior Trainer. Graduates will then either pass and earn their Certification or be required to retake the test and/or may need to redo the online interview.

To retake the test, students will need to pay a fee of €50,00. To repeat the one hour interview, students will need to pay an additional €250,00.

After completing Supervision, you will receive your Certification from our accrediting organization in approximately two to three months.

What languages do you deliver the course in?

We currently deliver the course in English and Swedish however we are diligently working on translating material for delivery in other languages and countries including Italian, Spanish and French. Our goal is to translate our IRSI Curriculum into all languages throughout the world.

Can I get Continuing Education Credits or CEUs for this course?

Yes. Our courses offer Continuing Education Credits depending on the course. Please speak to your Trainer to obtain proof of CEUs.

How can I find out when my credential is due for renewal?

Credentials must be renewed every three years either by retaking the updated course (at a very low discounted cost) or with proof of Continuing Education units that may be obtained through accredited organizations.

How is Supervision conducted?

Supervision consists of a 61 question test plus an hour long, online interview with a Senior Trainer. Graduates must pass with 80% to earn their Certification; if Graduates earn a score of less than 80% they will have the option to retake the test.

To retake the test, students will need to pay a fee of €50,00. To repeat the one hour interview, students will need to pay an additional €250,00.

After completing Supervision, you will receive your Certification from our accrediting organization in approximately a month.

What do I get at the end of the training and at the end of supervision?

At the end of the training you will earn a Certificate of Completion. At the end of successful completion of Supervision you will earn Certification as an IRSI International Recovery Coach, or IRSI International Interventionist.

Could you define credentialed/accredited?

Our courses have been accredited by OCNCredit4Learning, in London, U.K., a bespoke accrediting organization that is endorsed by UKAS. Our coursework and curriculum have been scrutinized and reviewed (and re-reviewed) to ensure our courses contain essential elements, maintain high standards of training and current, evidence based practices.

Do I have to be Certified to work as a Recovery Specialist, Recovery Coach, etc.?

If you are serious about being a Recovery Coach, developing your coaching business, and ensuring your clients and their loved ones have all the support they need by you completing a proper training program than Yes! Training and Certification as an International Recovery Specialist is the best way to set yourself apart by demonstrating your knowledge, skills and commitment to high ethical and professional standards. However, because Recovery Coaching coaching is not regulated by any country or state, you are not required to get training or credentials.

What is a Recovery Specialist?

Common titles for the role of the Recovery Specialist may include: Peer Recovery Specialist, Sober Coach, Sober Companion, Personal Recovery Assistant, Transport (Safe Passage), Family Recovery Specialist, Case Manager, etc.

The definition of a Recovery Specialist is: an individual who provides services to client and family within a treatment setting, a client's home or while traveling. A Recovery Specialist does not prescribe, diagnose or medically treat the client -- but works with other practitioners and/or a Treatment Team which often includes psychiatric/medical support, alternative therapies, such as art therapy, equine therapy, exercise, journaling, dance therapy, and so on.

An IRSI Certified Recovery Coach has completed the educational, experiential, and supervision components of the IRSI curriculum and has obtained insurance and maintains at least 3 years or more of recovery and/or sobriety. IRSI encourages maintaining affiliation with an association of peers as well as enrolling in ongoing education in order to stay up to date and current.

A Recovery Specialists role is to support others in recovery from substance use disorder, behavioral disorder, or other mental or emotional issues that prevent the individual from living a happy healthy productive life. A Recovery Specialist will serve as a role model, mentor, advocate and motivator to recovering individuals in order to help prevent relapse and promote long-term recovery using skills, experiential expertise, training and knowledge. The Recovery Specialist must demonstrate an ability to share personal recovery experiences and to develop authentic peer- to-peer relationships.

(*See IRSI Code of Ethics)

Can I make payments on a plan?

Yes. It is possible to arrange a payment plan if  needed.  Please contact us at so that we can discuss payment options and provide you with a unique checkout code.