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What is a private lesson with Janique?

It is whatever you want or need it to be.  It can be online Zoom calls with Janique at a time that is most convenient for you, or it can be Janique flying to your country and training you in the comfort of your own home.  If you prefer to do retreat-style learning and meet up with Janique in the hills of Tuscany or on a beach in Spain, then we can make that happen.

Recovery coaching alone, or a full recovery specialist regiment.

We have many different courses available and when we say you can have a bespoke experience, we mean just that. You tell Janique what you want to want to ultimately end up with, and she will tailor a program that will allow you to get there.

After training, you will be confident and ready to start working the next day!

You private lessons with Janique will culminate with your international certification, a year's membership to the IRSI Network and the confidence that if we send you on a job the following day, that you are ready!

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Janique Svedberg

Founding Partner & Teacher

CSAT-s, MCC, CPC, CAI-s. An interventionist and public speaker who loves working with people, Janique first set out to work as a recovery coach helping people on their road to recovery. She became an entrepreneur and wrote the autobiography Blood, Drugs, Rock & Roll an account of her own rise to fame and fall from drugs.  In recovery, Janique has been a tireless advocate of, and voice for, people needing help from substances and behavior disorders, by becoming a highly sought after recovery coach. Janique has spoken to hundreds of people at conferences and in workshops, and in 2006, seeing the incredible need and short supply of recovery coaches, she began providing training for recovery coaches and sober companions creating her own training company “Road To Recovery.” Her dream and ambition is to bring the knowledge she has learned to even more parts of Europe and to be part of the growth and changes to the field of addiction and mental health it so desperately needs.