The IRSI Network Connects People

The IRSI Network is a place for recovery specialists to connect with each other and their clients. It is also a place where people seeking help can find the right recovery specialist to guide them along the path to a more peaceful and healthy life.

We offer online and in-person sessions as well as completely bespoke services. Scroll down or click one of the buttons below to be taken directly to the information you need. We look forward to welcoming you into the IRSI family!

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Join the IRSI Network as a Recovery Specialist

Are you a certified recovery specialist looking to join the IRSI Network?  If you have been trained by IRSI and your certification is still up-to-date, then you are already qualified.  If you have been trained and certified by another reputable center, then fill out the form and we will set up a short interview for you.  This is not to be elitist or exclude anyone, it is simply to ensure that our clients will receive care from only the best  and most ethical recovery specialists available anywhere in the world.

We get many requests for help and currently have to call around or email to find a recovery specialist with availability and the appropriate characteristics for the client. So we have formalized the IRSI Network as a way to more effectively match up the right recovery specialist based upon info supplied at sign-up as well as the ability to keep us updated on your availability.

We will be deploying many exciting features over the next few months, including the ability to schedule and bill clients directly through the IRSI network.  For longer client relationships as well as our bespoke service offerings, we take care of all of the necessary contracts, billing and case management so that you focus only on what it is that you do best: guiding your client!

Sign up today or reach out to us if you have any questions. Membership is at will and you can cancel at any time!

Many more features coming soon!
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Find a Recovery Specialist

Are you an individual seeking to find a qualified recovery specialist to help you or a loved one on the path to a better life?

Are you a treatment center looking for certified international recovery specialists to help clients get to your center safely or provide them with proper follow-up care to ensure their continued well-being?

Send us a message and tell us the type of aide you seek and we will use our vast network of trained, certified and ethical recovery specialists to help you!

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In your message below, please indicate the location of the need (just city and country) and the type of recovery specialist you are seeking. The more information you provide before we contact you, the more options we can have lined up for you for our conversation. Thank you for your inquiry!

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