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Saturday, April 16, 2022
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EUR 750 €


Course Description

NLP for Recovery Coaches

2 day training 16-17 April

Clear and effective communication with personal leadership

Do you want practical tools that streamline your communication?
Do you want to understand how others think and be able to act accordingly?
Do you want to build trust in yourself, build good relationships and reach out with your message?

NLP is a behavioural psychological model based on studies of successful professional communicators and their way of creating change through their communication. Neuro stands for our thoughts, Linguistics for our language and programming for our behaviours.

We are now offering a two-day course for Recovery Coaches in communication with NLP, a course that gives you a toolbox with practical tools that streamline your daily
communication and increase your ability to be able to build and create better relationships, and get even more results with your clients.

The course is experience-based and process-oriented. It combines theory with many practical communicative exercises where you get to practice reading and understanding communication, see and interpret other people's perspectives, create effective meetings and build and handle difficult conversations. All with the goal of improving and streamlining your communication skills.

Welcome to an inspiring and exciting course that opens your eyes to a new perspective on communication!

The goal is to provide the knowledge needed to:
- create confidence in yourself
- reach out with your message
- read others better and act accordingly
- handle difficult conversations
- communicate more effectively
- create and maintain good relationships.

NLP for Recovery coaches course programs - 2 days

Day 1

NLP - what is it?

Communication according to NLP - the cornerstones

You, your state of mind and your skills

Basic assumptions, report, results, feedback, flexibility


Your Map of the world 

Read the situation and the person you are communicating with

This is how you take in reality according to the representation system 

Filters that affect and colour your experience - a model for communication and understanding.


Life strategies - keys to success 

This is how basic assumptions  and values ​​govern attitudes and behaviour, and explains how you can take charge of your life right now 


Day 2


Create trust and openness in meeting other people

Create conditions for the best meeting. Take body language, voice, tempo and values ​​to help Increase your credibility by mirroring, matching and following and leading


To stand in someone else's shoes 

See and interpret other people's perspectives, get more information and increased understanding. Stay focused on interaction without losing your goal and learn to create win win situations and negotiate


Recipe for success 

Learn models that take you all the way to the goal and where you want and identify obstacles and resources along the way


Best of all - personal leadership

Create the state of mind you need at the moment to be your very best

Use "body and mind" consciously to be the BEST when it comes to

Course Time day 1 Registration 9.30 10.00-17.00 CET,  Day 2  9.00-16.00 CET

Includes your manual and NLP book and diploma of completion 

Meet Your Trainer

Camilla Gyllensvan Certified International Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ® NLP coach Trough American Board of NLP

Camilla is a catalyst for change, She is known to transform business owners and teach them to become game changers in their field and achieve million dollar +breakthroughs in their business. She can create rapid change where it normally takes years.

Camilla is a featured expert in her field, training hundreds of people in NLP, Hypnosis and as a successful author written several books and audiobook on how to train your brain to top performance and getting the mindset you need in order to create the life you want.

There are only a few Trainers and therapists today who can claim the expertise and with over a decade of work as a coach behind her—helping Entrepreneurs and leading CEOs overcome phobias, addiction, childhood traumas, and relationship problems.

Camilla has an unparalleled ability to connect with each of her students, readers, followers, and listeners on an individual level. Camilla has been trained by the top Trainers in the world and has been  coaching since 2005.

Teachers / Speakers

Camilla Gyllensvan
Internationally Certified Trainer of NLP