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Start DATE
Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Sunday, March 14, 2021

EUR 1,750 €



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Course Description

International Recovery Coach Training

10 March to 14 March 2021

From 10:00AM to 18:00PM (Central European Time)

// 9:00AM to 17:00PM (UK time)

Learning Objectives for the Certified International Recovery Coach & Recovery Companion Training

  • Describe the roles and functions of a recovery coach & sober companion
  • List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery
  • Build skills to enhance relationships
  • Discuss co-occurring disorders and medicated assisted recovery
  • Describe stages of change and their applications
  • Address ethical issues
  • Experience wellness planning
  • Practice newly acquired skills

Day 1

  • The focus on Day One of the IRSI Certified International Recovery Coach & Recovery Companion Training Programme is to create a safe learning environment where new knowledge transfer can occur and basic assumptions and values can be challenged. Furthermore, participants will get a firm foundation in terminology, role clarification, knowledge about the different kind of addictions such as process, chemical and destructive behavior.

Day 2

  • The focus of Day Two is to examine the optimal ways of working with people. Both knowledge acquisition and skill development in our role as recovery coaches & sober companion will be accomplished.

Day 3

  • Day Three has a knowledge acquisition on recovery models and change models as well as a strong focus on skill development in motivating others to change.

Day 4

  • Day Four has two distinct components: knowledge and skill development on issues of spirituality, cultural competence and ethics; an immersion into the recovery resources in different cities and how to access them.

Day 5

  • Day Five is primarily concerned with the actualisation of becoming a Recovery Coach & Recovery Companion, and the responsibilities that come with the role.


Supervision is a follow-up after you have successfully completed the full course. Just like any other reputable institute of education, at IRSI you don't get credit and/or certification just for showing up and "keeping a seat warm".  You have to exhibit an understanding of the materials through a brief online test followed by an hour of face-to-face video call with one of our teachers to talk through a case scenario.  Once you have successfully completed this section, you will receive your continuing education units (varies by country) as well as your international certification!

Teachers / Speakers

Janique Svedberg
Founder and Teacher
Evyan Donch
International Recovery Specialist & Certified Coach Trainer