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Start DATE
Saturday, December 4, 2021
Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Course Description

Trauma-Informed Recovery Coaching

3-day Workshop




Trauma is rightly and increasingly in “fashion” in the addiction treatment industry.




Trauma is the Greek word for wound….. a sizeable “shoe-box”

One misleading terminology fitting all sizes




Addicts present Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) scores of 6.8/10 vs. 1.7/10 control standardpopulation


Individuals with PTSD were 2 to 4 times more likely than individuals without PTSD to meet criteria for an SUD




Many caretaker talk about it before having thought about it, and learned about it, mostly with best intentions in the world, incurring potential risks for bothclient and practitioner…






Trauma-Informed Recovery Coaching

3-day Workshop





1.     Understanding what is inside the trauma “shoe-box”

2.     Linking and sequencing the “trauma-addiction-trauma” negative feedback loop

3.     From reliving to revealing: Invitational narrative process and holding a safe space for the client’s story telling

4.     Symptom detection and trigger recognition: the zebra-tiger (both stripy)

5.     How to handle trauma-informed process inside the recovery coaching process and when to stop

6.     How to keep ourselves(practitioners) safe: being aware of secondary PTSD





1.     Theoretical background & Q.A.

2.     Case study & discussion

3.     Experiential and role-playing exercise in pairs & debrief



A word about me…


Christophe Sauerwein has been on his journey of recovery from multiple addiction and family of origin relational trauma since 1999.  After a 17 years career in investment banking and private equity, Christophe turned his life over and became a leading therapist in addiction, relational childhood trauma and dysfunctional relationships. Christophe holds an MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling and fully qualified in Childhood Trauma Reduction therapy (PIT/Pia Mellody model), Sex Addiction (Paula Hall Model) and Attachment and Relationship disorders (Pia Mellody model).

Christophe is also co-founder of iCAAD, the International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders, the largest European conference in the field. Christophe has a strong interest into academic and knowledge, pursuing his own personal research.





This workshop will address profound and deep topics, both theoretically and experientially.

We will have to explore together the darkest tunnels of human pain for your better understanding and tool acquisition about trauma.


We will have sometimes to use a direct language to address the nature of trauma, because it will be the language used by your client, it is essential to develop a sense of easiness when listening to them.

There will be triggers originating from presented cases and examples and/or from your personal life experiences.


Please have BOTH your external and internal boundary systems in place at all time, and remember: this is not about you, it is about learning how to help and hold spaces for incredibly brave survivors, graduates from fear, pain and shame - your clients.


Don’t hold back any triggering moments you may experience, just notice them and bring them back at the closing session at the end of each day for sharing and processing.

Make sure you have individual support in place through your sponsor or therapist in case you need more help.

Teachers / Speakers

Christophe Sauerwein
Instructor - Trauma Informed for Recovery Coaches