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Tuition Refund Policy

Refunds may be effected if:

1) A class is cancelled without option to either take the course online or in person at a later date.

2) If your inability to attend a class is based upon either: (i) a government imposed travel restrictions related to COVID-19, or (ii) an airline or train cancels your reservation flight to attend the class, all subject to providing documentation indicating the cancellation by the transportation organization. 

3) In the case where the minimum number of students is not met (online, 4 or in person, 8) and therefore the course is either cancelled or rescheduled, the enrolled student will have the option to receive one to one personal instruction from a Senior Trainer followed by 3 months of one to one supervision (mentoring, coaching and other assistance as needed).

For any other reason related to pandemic or acts of natural catastrophe, full credit toward another IRSI class or if available, may attend an IRSI class or on-line, upon submission of reasonable documentation. 

For all other reasons, full credit toward another IRSI class will be provided if taken within a twelve (12) month period from the date of the initial class, or 30 days notice of cancellation, upon submission of reasonable documentation. 

What You Can Expect from Us

A curriculum of information, exercises and skills

Opportunities to role play your coaching skills

Opportunity to join the IRSI Network group consisting of Certified Recovery Specialists

A Practicum Experience

Confidentiality when sharing your personal history


What We Expect from You

Confidentiality when other students share their personal experiences

Support, encourage and assist your fellow students

That you will:

·       Attend course classes and be on time both when the course starts and after breaks

·       Read the course books and materials

·       Complete homework

·       Take the Certification Exam


Support Services

If you need extra support and guidance, or any additional information please contact us


Copyright Protection

All materials provided to you are the intellectual property of Janique Svedberg and IRSI. You may not use them for commercial purposes without express, written consent. You may use the worksheets in your practice, but you may not remove the branding for any reason.


Code of Ethics

Students are expected to abide by the IRSI Code of Ethics at all times. Failure to uphold the Code of Ethics can be grounds for dismissal from the course or revocation of your Certificate(s).


Right to Revoke Enrollment

IRSI has the right to terminate any student’s enrollment if:

·       they are abusive, in any way, toward students and/or staff

·       they create a hostile learning environment which impedes the progress of other students

·       they are not emotionally stable enough to be safe taking the course

·       their behavior is coercive, manipulative or deceptive

·       they refuse to follow the program's policies, procedures, terms, and/or conditions.

No refunds will be granted to students who are terminated from the program on these grounds.